Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The structure of Catholic youth organization of Nigeria (CYON) is segmented in such a way that it exists at every level of the church hierarchy. The overall regulatory body of CYON is the National body, which exists to control and govern the diocesan bodies, but central to this two body is the Provincial body which stands as intermediary between the two arms. Provincial body, most times serve as links and agent of communication of the National body to Dioceses.

Right under the province are numbers of Dioceses, just as deanery body exists under the diocesan body and parish body exists under deaneries. In like terms, deanery body performs the function as links and carrier just as the provincial body. CYON branch of existence can also be found in various Stations/ Centers/ churches as the case may be. The least formation of CYON is found in our various families; If the father of the house belongs to CMO, the mother CWO, their children should be in CYON while all of them are in CLCN as laity; This completes the attachment of family of God to the church’s statutory Group; Hence this explains the reason for the family to be the last unit of Existence of CYON. It is from family that an individual rise to join CYON.

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